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“Painting is the silence of thought

and the music of sight.” 



Zebedee Art is an online gallery; clients have the option to view paintings by appointment only. We specialise in Original South African Art, acting as a representative for the Artist and Collector.

Est. 2017


Our philosophy is that one does not need to know much about art to know that it is beautiful.  A painting has a very special way to stop a person in their tracks. 


We simply believe that we choose art that speaks to us and at Zebedee Art we will ensure your choice of painting is one that will bring lasting joy and the assurance that you bought not only with your heart but also with your head.



 To put Art in the hands of people to enjoy, appreciate and adore. In addition to this to understand and appreciate the culture, workmanship and effort that went into creating a work of Art so to speak, that moment is time can be captured in a different form of reality and displayed for the world to see the Art through the artist eyes.

Bringing Original South African Art to our clients at the best possible price.

Recent Additions

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 We do valuations and authentication certificates on South African Art only. We use expert consultants with 30 years’ experience in the industry. 

We source Original South African Art on client’s request.

We sell Original South African Art belonging to our clients at market related prices.

"We want to expose people to the wonderful world and the understanding of art."



Art is the only way we can experience visually of someone else’s view. Poetry and Music is created by hand expressed by listening and speaking, Art is created by hand and experienced by seeing and all the other senses can be captivated by one single painting, a memory a feeling or even an event. 


Botes, Paul

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Bosch, Carla

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Vermeulen-Breedt, Marie